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CompassSport Trophy
on Sunday 12th of March 2017
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Newcastle and Tyneside Orienteers (NATO) run many events every year.
"Summer Evenings" is a series of evening runs on several weekdays during the summer; Night Owl events are run in the dark of the winter months and there is also general calendar of local and regional events through the year.

Date Club Event  
01/03/2017 (Wednesday) BAOC MLN at see BAOC website Military Event Information
05/03/2017 (Sunday) NN NN level D at see NN website D Event Information
12/03/2017 (Sunday) NATO CompassSport Trophy at Cringle Moor, Cleveland B Event Information Highlight event
15/03/2017 (Wednesday) NATO Night Owls 10 at Hexham Event Information
19/03/2017 (Sunday) NATO YBTrophy POSTPONED at TBC Event Information
19/03/2017 (Sunday) NATO NATO Level D at Blyth, South Beach D Event Information
29/03/2017 (Wednesday) BAOC MLN at see BAOC website Military Event Information
02/04/2017 (Sunday) CLOK CLOK O Cross (NEOL) at see CLOK website C Event Information
09/04/2017 (Sunday) NATO Spring in Gibside at Gibside D Event Information
23/04/2017 (Sunday) NATO Morpeth Gathering at Morpeth D Event Information
30/04/2017 (Sunday) NN NN local event at see NN website D Event Information

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The letters A,B,C and D following an event link designate the event level as follows:
Level A: Major British Orienteering events.
Level B: Events of a National Standard with challenging courses on a variety of terrain.
Level C: Events of a Regional Standard offering a wider variety of venues than Local events
Level D: Events of a Local Standard offering nearby venues.